5 Best Foods To Eat After Cutting Weight

Exhausted and tired after weigh ins? Try energy enriching food that are easy to digest and get you ready for your event the right way. 

1. Coconut Water contains plenty of much needed electrolytes and helps alkalize your system is a naturally sourced ingredient available in most Grocery Stores. 


2. Sweet Potatoes, Pastas and Oatmeal to help restore your depleted carbohydrate levels and provide energy for your muscles. 


3. Dried Dates and are packed heavily with nutrients and a staple for the Mediterranean diet after coming out of a fast.


4. Replenish healthy fat levels with Avocado or Nuts to help maintain brain health and energy.


5. Consider taking a probiotic like Kombucha to help increase digestion speed. Avoid heavily processed foods or proteins that are hard to digest.